Day 1: Final Fantasy (PSP)

FF1 bannerSo, the first day passed a few hours ago. How far along the game have I gotten? Well, I’ve acquired the canoe from the wise men as well as having defeated Lich (The Fiend of Earth). I had forgotten the long fetch-quest. Remember that one?

The one where you have to get the Elf-Crown that gets you the boss that gives you the magic eye that you then give to the old lady who gives you a Potion for the sick Elf Prince who then gives you a special key that opens up doors including one in Cornelia that gives you nitro powder so that you could help the Dwarfs take out the wall blocking the path outside so you could defeat Vampire to achieve that star-stone-thing that you feed the giant golem so you can get the item to go into the Lich’s lair…


THAT IS ONE LONG FETCH QUEST THERE SQUARE, THANK YOU… At least the Ocarina of Time fetch-quest wasn’t mandatory. Oh well, I’m still enjoying the game (barring uneven encounters) and I’m running along at nice pace. Also, fuck cockatrices man, they’re the worst.

Picture Gallery: Link


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